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Welcome to our new blog

Just a quick note to welcome all you outdoor enthusiasts to our new blog - THE BIMBLE DIARIES

I first heard the term BIMBLE in the Royal Navy...it basically means a leisurely stroll i.e. “just going for a bimble down the road”. In the RN however,  I mostly heard it in a negative sense, which would be something along the lines of; “GET A F***ING MOVE ON, THIS ISN’T A F***ING LEISURELY BIMBLE IN THE PARK!!”  Usually from a PTI (that's a Physical Training Instructor to you and me). Obviously they can be a bit harsher than normal human beings, due to copious amounts of hair gel.

Anyway,  along with posting some of our favourite bimbles - we will be keeping you up to date with our treks, expeditions and other outdoor activities.  Also keeping you posted with kit reviews, testing gear from  beginners and professional perspectives.

Happy Trails...

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