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  • Rebecca Hill

Road trip to Nicaragua and Xmas camping fail

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Decided to not bother with Xmas this year and go to Nicaragua instead...We live in Panama so it's not THAT far. As well as getting away from Panama City's crazy traffic and having to buy xmas presents this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out the new roof tent on our Landrover.

Everything started out great...just me and Rigo...we cruised into Costa Rica with no probs.

people seem to give fogeys a break..maybe the customs dude was worried one of us would have a hernia or a heart attack

...anyway then on the second day we had an argument over what to eat for breakfast. Important stuff..Sort of lasted for the entire stretch of the Costanera...Costa Rica's lovely Pacific Coast road...shame really as couldn't enjoy the endless miles of Palm oil farms...never mind we sorted out differences before we got to Nicaragua. The border crossing here was a little more complicated and expensive...so we arrived late at San Jorge and missed the last ferry to our destination OMETEPE ISLAND.

Checked into the nearest hotel..Hotel Dalinky..what kind of name is that? Our beloved car was parked out front in the main street, the hotel dude assured us that it was safe, but I had a wierd feeling in my stomach...which had nothing to do with the fish tacos I had had earlier...I decided to sleep in the car, and lo and behold just before midnight a crackhead tried to smash in the back window. I shouted a load of stuff..basically fuck off in Spanish and it worked..he fucked off.

Next morning we got the first ferry over to OMETEPE Island ...bit of a bumpy ride on a very dodgy looking boat..even the staff were wearing life jackets, Rigo was a bit worried the car would go overboard, but we made it and headed directly to Ulises' Restaurant on Playa Santo Domingo ...as they say it's not what you know but who you know. And Ulises was a contact I was given by a Nica guide when we were exchanging tourists at the border (another story) ...Ulises seemed a bit confused when he saw us, which made me question whether the Nica guide had even told him we were arriving...

Nevertheless, Rigo in true fogey style parked in the restaurant, set up the roof tent and bagged the best table using a towel...I swear he must have some german dna... Couldn't really get better than this, we were parked in a superb spot, brilliant view of the beach and in the middle of a reasonably decent restaurant with cheap cervezas...oh joy

Well, our brilliant spot turned out to be the windiest place on earth and our tent nearly blew off the bloody roof of the car during the night...and as if that wasn't enough, it started pouring down.

Needless to say did not get much sleep and looked like shite the next morning...so shit infact that Ulises gave us free breakfast. Anyway, we packed up the soggy tent and rented a cabin for the rest of the week...Happy New Year :)