River Bimble

So our first Canoe trek of the season, and what an epic little weekend it was down the Barrow River

Starting out just North of Carlow, we slowly paddled our way South, well I sometimes had a cheeky little lean back and watched the other half paddle, which was quite funny until she started looking back, asking me why I'm not paddling in a strict tone. We had decided that because of taking quite a lot of kit it would be better to avoid the weirs (2-6ft slops into white water), not for our safety, but you can imagine a capsize and watching all your kit float down river. Anyway we went on using the lock system, which work really well, however we didn't have a key and had to lift the Canoe passed them, which is pretty standard, however some locks are a tad awkward, it's just takes a little more time. As it is still mid winter daylight runs out quick and we would start looking for a place to camp at around 330pm, but once set up it's a nice camp every time.

We managed to get some cracking fires going, kept nice and toasty and could sit out, whilst enjoying some vino and some of my famous bushcraft cuisine. Someone will also enjoy my hand carved spatula & pan handle, which I left behind. Leave no trace? well I think a wooden carved kitchen utensil is happy enough in the woods, it's wood.

Anyway kitchen utensil bants aside, I had an amazing time and the people down County Carlow were amazing and could never help you enough, I grow fonder of Ireland all the time as the Craic continues. We finished up in Bagenalstown, where we ended up having a carvery in the Railway house, where the owner couldn't have made us feel more welcome, same as the chef, although we were starving waiting for the chef to serve our plates up and he just kept spinning dits, but was no trouble and more to our amusement. All in a well rounded weekend and hopefully more to come through our Canoe trek packages. On a last note, to the folk that might read this, what makes this trek very nice too, is the fact that the canoes are 16ft and can take more kit than you could take on a multi-day hike, which allows for any extras, like camp chairs, extra clothes, fresh food/more food, Drinks, extra tarp for sitting beneath etc.