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Forest Shelter takes a beating off Ophelia

So, I ended heading out a tad later this morning, just to avoid the heavy school kid traffic on route (I really need to drive). Anyway, I bimbled my usual route through the forest, you could see some of the havoc that the hurricane had coursed, Ophelia was definitely a nasty girl. Mostly massive branches everywhere, with the odd toppled tree.

A few people were knocking about, mainly of the older variety and pushchair pilots, also a chainsaw constantly buzzing in the background, which actually was kind of a good thing as I was doing a tad of axe work and a chainsaw masks that pretty good.

I got to my camp thinking the storm would have torn it apart, however to my surprise it was there standing strong, well, if you think getting punched in the face whilst in the corner during a boxing match and still standing there bleeding, is standing strong, then the shelter stood strong.

The structure was still 100% intact, just the bracken and moss, which was the roofing, had come down. My plan was to gather material and work on it another day, but dead-fall/dead trees at the site were almost non-existent, close by.  Seeing as another storm was supposed to be coming in, I decided to go off hunting for another location for a new camp and come back to this one at a later date.

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