So, back in the forest working on one of the shelters for our bushcraft days. This little shack is moving along nicely with just tinkering here and there, making good use of deadfall in the woods Not always getting the straightest pieces, but rustic is the way and we can call little flaws "character". As you can see, my dog Charlie has been digging out too, obviously not helping me, but fetching me dribble- soaked bits of wood and snatching at my lunch. I might even get another Springer Spaniel at some point and call him Dave, so then I could have the duo Chaz 'n' Dave.

I'm getting off track here as per....So back to the Shack, the intention with this is to make it nice and spacious, so it can be quite comfyfor wild camping, whilst being able to part with other outdoor skills, techniques and some tasty outdoor cooking. The aim is here to have a split wood tile roof and experiment with some other techniques for closing the walls, followed by making a nice sitting area where a group can sit round a nice fire of an evening after a practical day of campcraft.