Coastal Glory

In any part of the world, tourists and even locals get drawn into to the massive must see sights, which is understandable, especially when on tight time schedules and budgets. This means that some amazing places definitely do slip under the radar. With work, we do a lot in the mountains and forests, however, we are also striving to find some amazing coastline treks. So, over the weekend we set out to check out a route that I had been looking at, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much, potentially just a walk along a tarmac road.

Well, all I can say is I was completely wrong and stumbled across one of the most beautiful coastal walks you will see, especially on your doorstep and if I was Irish I would have said; Jeysus!!! The route is basically linked with the Ulster way and tied in here in county Down as the Lecale way. The section we did was from a little village called Ballyhornan and follows the coastline coming out of the Strangford lough area and although not perfect at the start, as you start from the beach there is an abandoned house which is a bit of a shame and an eye sore, and also there was a small bay towards the end of the trek around 2 hours in that seemed to have a lot of plastic bottles lying about. This being said this walk is so worth seeing and the views are amazing, another great aspect is you can feel completely remote and then maybe bump into the occasional walker, .... nothing compared to the hoards that swarm the Giant's Causeway and other parts of the Antrim coast.  The great thing about this walk is that it is open to anybody, beginners or experts, young or old. You can come out with the dog for a swift walk, bring the family and enjoy the coast, skim some stones along the water, gather some limpets or even do a spot of fishing the place is amazing, and I wouldn't rule out a cheeky little wild camp either.