Bimble in the Binnians

If you thought winter walking was just cold grey and bleak, then you're very much mistaken. Although the short days give you a time disadvantage, there are definitely some good points, like no midges...

...if it's cold enough the boggy ground is firmer underfoot, I suppose it can be a bit quieter too, which some might prefer.

Hopefully this little write up might convince the winter doubters how amazing it can be out there.

So I met up with an old mate of mine and we headed for the hills, one of them being Wee Binnian, which he had never done before, and after all the heavy panting and leg pains might not do again.

Wee Binnian, Slieve Binnians wicked little brother can be a bit of pain to get to as it is not as accessible as it's bigger brother, you basically have to park at Carrick little and then walk down the road South West for about 2km. Once you've found the little access track, it's easy enough to make your approach, like with many places in Mournes you can hand rail up the wall.

After making our way up, we was sat on the top of Wee Binnian, with some stunning views, the top being a Tor and very craggy. I think I was bent over my backpack, swearing at my sitting mat, when I looked over my shoulder and a lad had just popped up over the peak, much to our surprise, then his friend arrived too. Turned out these to lads were from Israel and were over on holidays, they were a bit unsure of where they were and we offered to let them tag along (as a pompous officer would say, they seem jolly nice chaps).

Anyway we plodded on, down into the saddle before ascending the craggy South Western face of Slieve Binnian, I even had to give the dog the occasional lift up here and there, but he certainly battled on up the mountain. Once at the top we had some lunch in a great rocky suntrap out of the wind, before heading North and descending via the Buzzards roost and on to Blue Lough, where we said our goodbyes to the two lads, as they went on to ascent Slieve Donard. the Dog harassed them for more food and then we all went our separate ways.