These gradings are only a general guide. If you have any doubt about your fitness for a particular activity please contact us 


Our hikes are graded for difficulty as follows:


Grade 1 = Easy - walks for anyone who does not have a mobility difficulty, a specific health problem or is seriously unfit. Suitable for pushchairs if they can be lifted over occasional obstructions. Comfortable shoes or trainers can be worn.


Grade 2 = Leisurely - walks for reasonably fit people and children with at least a little country walking experience. May include unsurfaced rural paths. Walking boots are recommended.  Good trainers are acceptable.  This is a good category for families with children who want to start enjoying the great outdoors!

Grade 3 = Moderate - hikes for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. May include some steep paths and open country, and may be at a brisk pace. Walking boots are essential.  This category is not recommended for children under 12

Grade 4 = Strenuous - walks for experienced country walkers with an above average fitness level. May include hills and rough country, and may be at a brisk pace over several hours.  Walking boots are essential.  People in doubt about their fitness should contact us in advance.  This category is not suitable for children under 14.

Grade 5 = Technical - walks for experienced and very fit walkers with additional technical skills. May require scrambling, some climbing, and use of ice axes or crampons. In this category we also include our Darien jungle treks as they require several hours of trekking in a tropical humid climate carrying a backpack.  For all our technical hikes please contact us in advance to make sure this is the right activity for you!  We usually only accept adults over 18 on these activities.

Hike Rating System: 

Distance:                                                        Terrain/Footing:

  • A = up to 3 miles (5km)                             1 = Easy              

  • = 3 – 6 miles (5 - 10km)                         2 = Leisurely     

  • = 6 – 8 miles (10 - 13km)                       3 = Moderate    

  • = 8 – 10 miles (13 - 16km)                     4 = Strenuous     

  • = over 10 miles (16km)                          5 = Technical     

For example, a hike rated B2  tells you that the hike is between 3 and 6 miles long and the terrain and footing will be leisurely.  A hike rated E4 tells you the hike is over 10 miles and is strenuous.

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