We offer team building services that can be customised to your company's requirements. You can book a day or weekend package for your management staff and put them through various leadership tasks and challenges. Whether it's in a bushcraft environment or mountaineering, a day or a weekend, we can design the package to suit your needs.


  • We can organise an Expedition where your team will have to navigate through mountainous terrain and locate a site to set up camp.

  • Set up in a forest and complete various survival tasks using primitive tools and technology.

  • Each individual will take charge of different tasks, be put through their paces under pressure and be out of their comfort zone. As day goes by the team will bond further and complete each activity as a stronger unit.

For quotation and booking please contact us 

+44 (0) 7462238394

We can offer these services as an individual event, a day or a 2 day package. Alternatively we can also facilitate a time based agreement offering an agreed number of team-building packages per year, on a contract basis. Please enquire so that we can allocate the best suited package for you.

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