I'm Rob of Falcon Outdoors, expedition leader and head instructor at the Finnebrogue School of Bushcraft.


Specializing in outdoor activities, I offer courses, workshops in bushcraft, survival & primitive skills, mountain leading & training, team building and leadership courses.  (check out reviews & press here)

Test and review outdoor gear under the harshest conditions.  (see my favourite gear here)

I also organize and lead wilderness expeditions every year. My most recent being the successful 2020 expedition to Chile to break the world's highest triathlon record.  (see my gallery here)


I'm of a mixed East Prussian, Scottish and English heritage and was raised in the Black Forest, Germany with an extensive outdoor lifestyle connected to the forest and mountains.

I began travelling as a teenager, at first around Europe and then overseas to Panama and Central America where I spent long periods of time living off grid with indigenous communities, learning how to adapt to the jungle.


Despite my deep-rooted love for the forests and mountains, I joined the Royal Navy, wanting to experience and travel the oceans. It was here I further developed my outdoor abilities and leadership skills, participating and leading expeditions all over the world;  Antarctica, Andes, Himalayas, Atlas Mountains, Central American Jungles, Falklands, Azores,  Pyrenees and many other European ranges and Wilderness areas.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is my life, These days you can find me in Downpatrick Northern Ireland, where, at my custom bushcraft camp, I teach and pass on outdoor knowledge and awareness to all ages. 

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If you do manage to pop by, have a seat around the campfire, and I'll spin you some dits (stories) that will rival any book or film you may come across.